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Tournament is Full!

Competition will be national tournament level. This tournament is open to 18U and 16U teams and nationally competitive 14U teams. The 16U and 14U teams will be mixed in pool play with each other and mixed with the 18U teams during elimination play. To help us evaluate your team, please list your 2021 team highlights on a separate sheet. Please be sure to include your participation in national tournaments and your finish. Also, please highlight your program’s success or potential future success in the recruiting process. The more information you provide the better. Each team will play 6 pool play games and then play in a single elimination bracket (7 game guarantee). Please note this is a “stay to play” tournament. All non-local teams must use one of our participating hotels. Entries will be accepted until December 31, 2021, and teams will be notified of acceptance in January.

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