Easton Rawlings



    1. NFHS rules (as modified by PGF) will be followed with the following exceptions:


    POOL PLAY:  Free defensive substitution will be allowed. Teams must turn in a batting order and maintain it during the game.  Teams may bat 10 players if they choose to.  Courtesy runners for the pitcher and catcher are allowed, but must be someone not in the batting order.  Pinch runners will be handled as a substitution.  Players playing defense but not in the batting order are considered eligible substitutes for offensive purposes including courtesy running. Coaches please note, because free defensive substitution is allowed, there is no need to establish a DP/Flex in your batting order during pool play.


    BRACKET PLAY: NFHS rules (as modified by PGF) WITH MODIFICATONS:

    Line up can consist of up to 11 players:
    9 players – straight 9
    10 players – batting 9 with DP/Flex
    10 players – batting 10 utilizing an EP
    11 players – batting 10 with EP and DP/Flex



    BRACKET PLAY:   NFHS book rules (as modified by PGF).


    1. Time Limit. No new inning will begin after one hour, 30 minutes from the completion of the pre-game conference at home plate. Game time will be kept by umpires on the field.  A new inning starts with the third out of the previous inning.


    1. Run Rule. 10 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings, 6 runs after 6 innings for pool and bracket play.


    1. Home Team. Coin flip by umpires during pre-game conference to determine home team.  The home scorekeeper will be the official book. Team listed first on pool schedule and on top of single elimination bracket will occupy third base dugout, except when playing back-to-back.


    1. Proof of insurance should be uploaded to the website prior to your first game.


    1. International Tie Breaker. In case of a tie game during the elimination tournament, the international tiebreaker rule will be used. Thus, if a game ends in a tie (after seven innings regulation or completion of a full inning after time expires), in every extra inning, each half inning will begin with a runner on second base. The runner will be the player who is scheduled to bat ninth in that half inning.


    1. Pool Games ending in a tie (after seven innings regulation or completion of a full inning after time expires) will not be played out. Teams will receive ½ win and ½ loss in the pool standings.


    1. Seeding. Pool play results determine seeding and position in the single elimination bracket. All 40 teams qualify for bracket play. If pool play results in a tie, pool standing will be determined by: a) head-to-head results between tied teams (when more than two teams tie, head-to-head will be used only if one team has beaten all other tied teams or one team has lost to all other tied teams); b) fewest runs allowed in all pool games; c) fewest AVERAGE runs allowed in all pool games resulting in a tie or loss; and d) a coin flip. When more than two teams tie, after a team is selected during any step, the tiebreaker reverts back to step a) to select the next team.


    1. Tournament Format. The Director reserves the right to change the tournament format if circumstances require. In case of schedule changes, the official schedule will be on the board at the tournament site (Ackerman Park) and also on Tourney Machine. You should check both.


    1. A Game is Complete after 4 ½ innings (home team ahead) or 5 innings (visitors ahead).


    1. Forfeit Time. Game time is forfeit time, unless a team is held up by a late-running game. In order to stay on schedule teams should be prepared to begin play as early as 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time.


    1. Line-up Cards. During the pre-game conference at home plate, teams must exchange line­ups and also give a copy to the home plate umpire.


    1. Warm-ups.. Pre game warm-up should be done in designated warm-up areas. No warm-ups on the infields inside the basepaths. No warm-up hitting into any fence! Do not warm up on fields when ballfield crews are working on the fields. There should be open areas that may be used for warm-up purposes, especially on Thursday and Friday. Please be considerate of other teams and share the available space.


    1. Poor Sportsmanship. Any coach, player, or fan displaying unsportsmanlike behavior will be subject to suspension from the game and/or forfeit for the game or tournament.


    1. Weather and Schedule Updates. Weather information will first be updated on @ERIStourney We also plan to use Tourney Machine to provide weather information notifications.


    1. Player Roster Rules. A player may only compete for one team during the tournament. This includes both bracket and pool play.